Welcome to GenomeSense

Recent advances in basic research have yielded a lot of new knowledge bases and hypotheses derived mainly from the study of human cell lines and animal models. In order to further translate some of this knowledge into clinically useful markers and targets for various therapies; it is essential to improve the availability of human biospecimens to researchers. Biorepository is one of the rapidly growing verticals in life science pipeline aiding translational research and pre-clinical trials.

GenomeSense “senses” the need for high quality biospecimen in the arena of personalized medicine. Founded in 2015 by a group of clinicians and business development professionals, it has established a global biorepository to cater to the demand for high quality biospecimens and provide effective solutions for scientifically challenging projects. We are dedicated to bring innovation in human tissue research. Using our team's scientific and clinical expertise, we have developed multi-site collaborations and have implemented protocols for obtaining, handling and processing of human specimens.

We are currently building inventory of oncology biospecimens, including solid tumours and hematologic malignancies. We intend to expand our procurement network every year to include new therapeutic areas.

If you would like to discuss project feasibility for your custom projects or ask scientific questions about the procurement process, you can contact us at info@genomesense.in.

Why Choose Genomesense?

Usage of biospecimens has changed substantially over the past two decades and researchers now wish to profile hundreds of molecules, including DNA, RNA, proteins and metabolites. We named our company GenomeSense because it truly signifies the sensibility of offering bio-medical researchers with viable samples, essential to conduct genome-wide association studies. We understand the process of securing biospecimens of the necessary quality, capacity, and level of annotation, and that are truly representative of diseased populations.
There are hundreds of biorepositories to choose from. Finding one you can count on is a Hercules task. Here are some reasons why you will make the best decision by choosing us as your biorepository partner.

  • Our biorepository personnel are trained, reliable, accountable and attentive to detail.
  • Certified pathologist oversees tissue procurement. We provide pathological consultation to researchers using human specimens for scientific correlation
  • We adhere to GCP (Good Clinical Practice), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) requirements to ensure that specimens are procured, processed, shipped, preserved and handled safely and securely.
  • We collaborate with experienced and IATA & DOT certified cold chain logistics provider and track specimen movement to ensure that temperature-sensitive specimens do not degrade during packing and shipping.
  • We preserve biospecimens in reliable, industry grade storage freezers having redundant power backup and data backup system.
  • De-identified clinical information is available. Histopathological parameters are available from the final diagnostic report while preserving individual patient confidentiality

Quality is a word we use often. At GenomeSense, we mean it. We care for our samples and are continually evolving and adapting to continually emerging accepted best practices and standards.