Our Vision

GenomeSense Institute of Molecular Medicine is founded to provide excellent Healthcare services to patients through translating discoveries into advanced healthcare applications. In today’s era when precision medicine is poised to transform medicine through incorporation of patient-specific treatment options, we aim to be the trail-blazer to incorporate such options into clinical care. This coupled with advanced genomic diagnostics, innovative medical care solutions, mobile health applications and enhanced physician-patient relationship, we want to take out clinical management problems from patient’s list so that they have less things to worry.

The journey of a thousand miles starts with first step. And in realm of the broader mission, our first step is to setup a biorepository that will utilize and provide high-quality biospecimens representing different ethnicity people. We believe that the quality of advanced medical applications is proportional to investments made in quality science and translational research. We sense that genomic medicine is the tool that will enable precision medicine. The first step in this direction is to obtain high-quality human specimens for developing diagnostic and therapeutic options. We aim to enable this critical component for advancement of medicine through procurement, annotation and distribution of the high-quality biospecimens within ethical and regulatory framework.